Have you noticed?

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that after using technology, your eyes may feel tired and irritated?

The reason for this is because your computers, tablets, and smartphones emit blue light.

Your eyes may get blurry after some time scrolling through pages or doing your work on a computer.

Digital eyestrain can lead to issues like headaches and harm your productivity levels.

By reading on, you can learn about digital eyestrain and what you can do to avoid it.

You might never consider going outside unless you first put on sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard your eyes.

Similarly, whether you are sitting at your desk at the office, gaming on your couch, ordering pizza on your tablet, or looking at puppy pictures while you stand in line at the DMV, you should wear computer glasses to block those blue rays from your screens.

What is Digital Eyestrain?

What is Digital Eyestrain?

Digital eyestrain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition recognized by the American Optometric Association.

This is caused by long-term exposure to digital devices.

If you are staring at your screen for longer than 2 hours in a row every day, you will be more likely to suffer from this condition.

There are a few reasons why this happens, in addition to the blue light on the screens.

People will often blink less when they are looking at a screen, which is a problem because blinking is what replenishes your eye’s moisture.

This also happens because you are looking at the screen at a less than ideal angle.

Other things such as the glare/reflection and poor contrast on the screen can lead to digital eyestrain.

Computer glasses can help reduce the side effects of this reality of modern life.

One such side effect is sleep disturbance. This occurs because blue light exposure reduces the ability to produce melatonin, a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain sometimes referred to as the "third eye."

How to Avoid Eyestrain?

How to Avoid Eyestrain?

Fortunately, there are things that can you can do that can help avoid digital eyestrain.

One of the easiest ways to avoid the blue light that can lead to eyestrain is by wearing specialized computer glasses, which not only blocks the blue light but also has anti-glare properties.

Computer glasses are a simple answer, allowing you to work and play as needed without worrying about the negative side effects of blue light.

In addition to contributing to digital eyestrain, blue lights can negatively impact your circadian rhythm, which is responsible for how well your body functions.

As previously mentioned, computer glasses often have an anti-glare coating that will work to prevent the glare from affecting your eyes

It is also recommended that you follow the 20-20-20 rule.

The 20-20-20 rule is actually fairly simple to follow. This means that you should look away from your screen for 20 minutes, looking at something 20 or so feet away from you, looking away for around 20 seconds.

Be sure to blink often when doing this, as this will replenish the moisture in your eye and help you to avoid dry and irritated eyes.

Why You Need to Reduce Eyestrain

Reducing eyestrain can be essential to your everyday life.

In this section, you will learn about the 3 benefits of reducing eyestrain.

1. Reduce Headaches

1. Reduce Headaches

Do you notice that you have a massive headache or migraine after spending some time on your computer, tablet, or smartphone?

These headaches can interfere with your work or personal life.

If you end up with these headaches at work, this could hurt your efficiency and productivity.

This happens because of the blue light and glare on the screen, causing your eyes to work harder than they should.

This also happens because of the tension on your neck and back.

Using blue light glasses can reduce your eyestrain, helping to prevent these headaches.

2. Better Posture

2. Better Posture

You may find yourself hunched over to look at your screens better, thinking that this will help reduce eyestrain.

The problem is that this can not only make the eyestrain worse, but it can also cause additional stress on your neck and back.

When you use computer glasses, you won’t be tempted to hunch over to get closer to the screen.

This means that you will end up with better posture while you are at the computer, reducing neck and back pain.

3. Improved Eye Health

3. Improved Eye Health

Computer Vision Syndrome affects 90% of people spending more than 3 hours per day in front of screens and some of the symptoms are:  

- Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye fatigue.

Headaches & migraines.

- Neck pain, vertigo.

- Double vision, vertigo/dizziness.

- Difficulty refocusing the eyes.

By blocking blue light from digital devices you can palliate all these symptoms.











Computer glasses are a wise investment into protecting your eyes from digital eyestrain.

Blue light can wreak havoc on your eyes and your overall health, which is also where you will benefit from investing in computer glasses.

More and more, we are reliant on our technology for all aspects of our lives. These devices have made our lives easier, but our body is not designed to be overexposed to the blue light they emit.

Computer glasses can compensate for your eye’s inability to naturally block blue light, protecting you from its  side effects.