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Computer Glasses

The Perfect protection, for the digital era

High quality and stylish computer glasses to protect your eyes from the Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life 



Ranked TOP 1% in terms of revenue from all Kickstarter campaigns thanks to the support of 965 backers from 62 different countries that pre-order Barner Blue Light blocking glasses.

Top notch quality materials for the best protection

What are we solving?

Nowadays we spend on average 8 hours 41 minutes in front of digital devices

Computer Vision Syndrome affects 90% of people spending more than 3 hours in front of digital devices

American Optimetric Association


Better sleep

Keep your eyes healthy

More focus and comfort

Cool Appearance

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Happily worn at...

Happily worn at

How it works

Reducing transmission of Blue Light from digital devices

Computer Glasses

All day long with the solar Clip-on

An eyewear to use all day and everyday.

With the Solar Clip-on you will be able to use your Barners in front of the screens but also on the street, relaxing at your favouriate beach or breathing some fresh air in the mountains.

Get your clip-on for 49€

Handcrafted in Italy

Every pair of Barner frames are handmade. Each front shape is cut from a unique flat sheet of 8mm Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, making every pair of frames exclusive. Acetate eyewear require more than 20 different handcrafting processes, making of every eyewear a masterpiece.

A smarter way to work

Read some reviews from our customers.

" I got my Barner computer glasses today. They look great! I‘ve been using them already today while working on the computer and my eyes feel much better I think. Well done!"

Julia - Berlin (Germany)

"Thank you Barner Team! Could no be happier with the final product! Your customer support is 10/10 and I look forward to backing more from you guys in the future! Keep up the good work!"

Damian - Victoria (Australia)

"I have been using these blue light blocking everyday glasses for the past couple of days and I can say at the end of the day my eyes feel much more relaxed. I have also been having better sleep!"

Chuck - New York (US)

"Hello Barner Team, I just received my prescription glasses this morning and the quality is amazing, great job!  In love with how it looks with the solar clip on. Now I don't need to wear contacts to wear shades. I will definitely recommend to my friends looking for glasses/shades! :)"

Fides - Singapore

"The quality of your support/service has been top notch from start till the end and the quality of the glasses is very impressive! Outstanding work you guys 10/10!"

Sanjeev - Stockholm (Sweden)

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