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Your perfect fit

Your perfect fit

There’s a perfect frame for every face shape. At Barner we want to help you find the best style to compliment your look.

Here’s a guide to figure out the most flattering frames for your face! 

Remember that all our glasses are 100% functional and stylish, with the digital generation in mind, ultra-light and super comfortable, which one will you choose?

Learning how to measure your face

We know that figuring out your face shape can sometimes be confusing. There are different types and pretty often the differences between one and another are very subtle.

But finding out your exact type can be very helpful in the long run. We know that, when they’re matched correctly, computer glasses can completely redefine your professional or personal image and style.

Oval Faces are easy to identify because they are longer than they are wide, with no sharp angles.

One of the luckiest face shapes to have, because most frames will work perfectly, so the world is your oyster! Oval faces tend to have a rounded chin, with a soft-U shaped jawline and a more pronounced forehead. They are well-balanced and versatile, which means it is easy to experiment with all kinds of different shapes, colors and sizes.

> Frames to explore: Square and rectangular frames with smaller widths will emphasize the cheekbones. We encourage you to take a chance on bold frames with strong colors.

Round faces are as wide as they are long, with the forehead tending to be almost as wide as the jawline.

A very symmetrical and balanced face with full cheeks and a rounded chin, which works well with angular frames that highlight the eyes and the cheekbones by adding structure.  

> Frames to explore: Square and rectangular frames with bold colors will stylize this type of face and accentuate the eyes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wider and more colorful frames. If you like colors, we have a specially created wide selection of tones to choose from!

Square faces are as wide as they are long with a similar width of forehead and jawline.

A very proportional and angular face shape with a strong jawline. Medium and larger, rounded frames with sleek curves tend to complement this face shape best.

> Frames to explore: Round frames with high bridges are perfect for this type of shape, because they will soften the structure of your face while drawing attention to your eyes. 

Similar to and often confused with oval, oblong faces are slightly longer and thinner, with an elegantly slim jawline.

For this type of shape, we love the contrast of frames with vibrant colors and wider lenses that will create a stylish sense of balance.

> Frames to explore: Rectangular or round bold frames are great. Just like with the oval face shape, you can experiment with a variety of frames to find your perfect match!

Prominent cheekbones are one of the key features of this type, characterized by a narrower forehead and chin.

If this is your type, then you are in luck! This is one of the easiest face shapes to recognize! Our tip is to highlight your cheekbones. Rounded and curvy frames are some of the best fits because they illuminate this angular face shape by adding an extra touch of style and elegance! 

> Frames to explore: Round and oval glasses will create a nice soft touch and highlight your look. Strong colors also have a way of spotlighting a diamond in the rough!

Here is our guide on how to take your exact measurements:


Take a horizontal measurement of the width of your jawline, from the start of your jaw below your ear to the other side.


Take a horizontal measurement of the width of your face: cheekbone to cheekbone.


Take a horizontal measurement of the width of your forehead.


Take a vertical measurement from your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

With these measurements handy, we can guide you to identify your specific face shape and discover the most flattering frame style from our collection.