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We live totally surrounded by screens, spending almost nine hours a day, on average, in front of digital devices. All these devices emit blue light, and since our eyes aren't protected against this overexposure, the light can be detrimental, causing eye strain, dry eyes, disruption of sleep patterns, headaches, migraines and mental and physical fatigue.

Barner lenses have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to the blue-violet and LED light of digital devices like smartphones, TVs, and tablets. Our high quality organic CR-39 lenses block 100% of the Blue Light under 410nm and 45% of the Blue Light on the 410nm - 450nm spectrum for non-prescription glasses.

Barner Blue Light Glasses benefits also include better focus, reduce glare and eye strain, reduces CVS, improves posture and well-being and better sleep cycles. For more detailed information on the benefits of wearing Barner Glasses, please check out the following articles:




You can order online at www.barnerbrand.com by adding the items you wish to your cart and proceeding to the checkout. Fill out the shipping information and proceed to the next page to check the delivery options and shipping fees we offer based in your country. On this same page, on the right side, you can add a discount code if you have one. Then, continue to payment. After completing the payment, you will receive an order confirmation email and you can also create and access your Barner Account to check the order status at anytime here: https://barnerbrand.com/account/login

Anti-Blue Light Glasses:

Barner Brand is using the CR39 material for the lenses, which is one of the most recommended. Our high-quality CR39 lenses block 100% of the Blue Light at 380 - 405nm and 45% on the 410 - 450nm spectrum. The lenses have 4 coatings: hard coat, anti-glare, anti-static and super hydrophobic coat!


Our neutral sunglasses have lightweight and highly resistant TAC polarised lenses with category 3 filter for sunny days and general use. These lenses are suitable in snow, mountains and at the seaside. They absorb up to 92% of light, provide 100% UVA and UVB ray protection and are protected by a hard coating. Our prescription sunglasses are made with CR-39 lenses and they are not polarised. All lenses have 4 coatings: hard coat, anti-glare, anti-static and super hydrophobic coat.

TR-90 glasses

-Flexible, functional, lightweight polycarbonate frames with rubberized finish:


Acetate glasses

- Elegant, hand-polished, high quality Italian acetate:


Metal glasses

- Stainless steel with nickel temples, all assembled with silicone nose pads:


Sustainable glasses

- Rilsan frames are made using a high-performance material called Rilsan®Clear G850 Rnew®, a 45% bio-based material made from castor seeds. Once the castor plant is harvested and the seeds grinded, the castor oil is produced and later polymerized resulting in a lightweight, durable, and flexible material:


- Bio-acetate frames are composed of cotton and wood pulp fibres, blended with a plasticizer derived from natural sources:


Feel free to check our Virtual-Try-On tool using your smartphone or the webcam on a laptop. You will find the link to the VTO on the top left corner of the glasses picture in each product page.

If you choose your personal Pupillary distance the VTO will show you the true fit as it will be in reality, according to your face size/distance between the eyes. But the colours are approximate and we advise to check the photos on the product page. Also, all our glasses come in their dedicated size and cannot be customized according to the face measurements. You can find all the sizes of our glasses on each product page in the Overview drop-down menu. Sunglasses have the same measurements.

Please, check our "Which glasses fit my face?" article here:


You can also take a quick quiz to find the perfect Barner glasses for you here:


All our frames are unisex, choose the ones you like and get ready to look amazing and to enjoy all the benefits they bring you!

You can pay in any currency with a credit/debit card, we also accept payments through Shop Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin). We do not accept cash on delivery neither insurances. If you need help placing your order, please contact us at thanks@barnerbrand.com and we will sort this out for you.

Don't know what to gift to your beloved ones? No worries, everyone loves gift cards!


They will have a year to choose what to get, they're good for all our products, and no postage is needed. After purchasing the digital gift card, you will receive a verification email from us which will include a link to view the gift card.

You will be able to open a PDF containing the digital gift card with a unique code, save it as a PDF for yourself or send it to the gift card recipient if you want to give it to someone else.

Later this unique code can be applied at the checkout and the system will use it as a payment method. If the gift card amount is smaller than the total price of the order, you will need to pay the remaining amount with another payment method or another gift card. If the gift card has more funds than your order total cost, you will have the rest saved in your Barner account as a store credit for the next purchase.

Please find the care instructions for all Barner glasses:

- Use the original cleaning cloth in order to clean fingerprints, dust, and other imperfections.

- If additional cleaning is required, use a PH-neutral soap with lukewarm water. Avoid alcohol and solvents.

- Avoid the use of abrasive products and unclean clothes, as these can alter the characteristics of the lenses.

- Use only original accessories and replacement parts.

- Remember to keep your Barner glasses in their original case, in a dry place with a temperature between -20°C and 40°C.

The tax or custom regulation depends on your local tax code and the legislation of your country. Any applicable duties/VAT are out of our control, the local government is charging each client additional duties/VAT at the time the purchase is made, and so these fees (if applicable) may be imposed at the time of receiving/importing the package.

If you are unsure why they are charging you some fees or taxes when receiving your parcel, please get in touch with your local post office. Moreover, these extra charges don't go to us, but to the tax company of your country/region.
For orders above 85 €, we offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide, which means that we cover the transport cost with the courier. However, we can't take responsibility for the duties being charged by the customs of your country.


Yes, we do! We can suit any prescription in the power range of:

Anti Blue-light prescription lenses

-Sphere (SPH) from +8.00 to -16.00
-Cylinder (CYL) from +4.00 to -4.00
-Axis from 0 to 180;

Sunglasses prescription lenses

-Sphere (SPH) from +8.00 to -10.00
-Cylinder (CYL) from +4.00 to -4.00
-Axis from 0 to 180;

Currently we are only producing the monofocal (single vision) prescription lenses due to the complexity involved on doing progressive/multifocal lenses. Instead, we can offer customers to sum up the Sphere values + ADD values (add also Cylinder and Axis which is mandatory if available) and prepare reading glasses (for near) or, assemble the lenses without the + ADD values and prepare prescription glasses to see from far.

All our lenses have the anti-Blue Light technology, our high quality organic CR-39 lenses block 100% of the Blue Light under 410nm and 45% of the Blue Light on the 410nm - 450nm spectrum.

Yes, we offer reading glasses with +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00 power (Sphere).

Simply select "Reading glasses" in the lens type section in each product page before adding the glasses to your cart.

We do not charge for reading lenses, you will only pay the price for the frames!

Currently we are only producing the monofocal (single vision) prescription lenses due to the complexity involved on doing progressive/multifocal lenses. Instead, we can offer customers to sum up the Sphere values + ADD values (add also Cylinder and Axis which is mandatory if available) and prepare reading glasses (for near) or, assemble the lenses without the + ADD values and prepare prescription glasses to see from far.

To place an order with prescription lenses, simply open the product page, choose "Select lenses and purchase", and then select the option "Prescription +40€". On the right side you will see the bar with three options, you can choose either of them:

- to Upload your prescription (the photo or PDF file of the receipt) and introduce Pupillary distance,
- to Enter your prescription manually (and also to upload prescription receipt just in case),
- to Send your prescription later.

Here is the information we ask:

- Axis: just in case you have cylinder (astigmatism), it goes from 0 to 180. If you don't have cylinder (astigmatism), just leave it as 0.
- Cylinder diopters (for Astigmatism, CYL)
- Sphere diopters (for nearsightedness and farsightedness, SPH)
- Pupillary Distance, the pupillary distance is calculated by the distance between one pupil and another.

For example: 30+30=60mm (distance between one and another). Find here a few video demonstrations: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pupillary+distance

Once it's done you will be redirected to the checkout page to complete the payment.


- Spain up to 5€

- European Union and Canary Islands up to 10€

- Outside the European Union up to 15€

When placing the order and filling up your address of delivery, shipping costs will be automatically added to your order. Remember that orders higher than 85€ (after applying discounts) have free shipping.

For orders with delivery outside the European Union (EU), custom duties or taxes might apply. Please check with your local postal office to get further information.

We accept, pack and ship out all orders within 1-2 business days. Prescription glasses take additionally up to 5 business days to get done. Since you have received the tracking code of the package, the estimated shipping time will depend on your location:

Europe: 1-2 working days

United States: 2-6 working days

Other countries: 6-8 working days

For non-EU countries: Please, remember that customs clearance may affect the speed of delivery in some countries. Also, we advise you to double-check the information about possible local duties and charges, we have no control over the customs/import fees in each country.

Yes! We ship worldwide to 185 countries. We want Barner glasses to be available all around the world.

In case your country is not listed during the checkout, please send us an email at thanks@barnerbrand.com and we will provide you with the available shipping options.

We are shipping all the goods from our warehouse in Barcelona - Spain (EU).

Once we ship your order, you will receive the tracking information via email. Please note that we only ship and deliver on business days.

You will be eligible for International FREE shipping whenever the subtotal amount (discounts included) is over 85€. If after applying a discount code, the due payment is below 85€, shipping costs will apply.

Due to the limited carrier service and high customs fees, the countries below are not listed on our website, but shipping is possible for a different fee. Please contact us at thanks@barnerbrand.com in case your country is listed below:

Algeria, Ascension Island, Bahrain, Salvador, French Southern Territories, Ghana, Kosovo, Oman, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somali, Siria and Yemen.

For Brazil, Cyprus, India, Serbia and Uruguay, please contact us at thanks@barnerbrand.com for more information.

In case there are any manufacturing defects, prescription issues, wrong items received, or any other issue which is not related to a regular return/exchange, please, send us a message using the Contact Form below and we will give you support accordingly:


Other than that, we offer a simple 30 days Return Policy, if you wish to return or exchange an item, please follow the instructions in this link:


You will receive an email from the shipping company with the return label and the instructions to schedule a pick-up date. As soon as we receive your package, the items will go through inventory control and then we will proceed with a full refund minus the shipping cost* of:

- Spain - 5€,
- EU and Canary Islands - 10€,
- Other countries - 15€

*Non-EU countries' returns may have duties/VAT costs added to the shipping costs, related to the importation of the goods to Barcelona - Spain. This amount will also be deducted from the refund, if any. The full information and total fees are shown when creating the return/exchange request.

Bear in mind we do not offer refunds for customized items, such as prescription lenses, unless it is due to a manufacturing defect.

All returns must be unused and in original condition. For damaged or missing items (such as boxes, cases, cloths and cords) 5 € will be deducted from the refund.

For orders below 85 Euro, which were not eligible for free shipping, we will also deduct the original shipping cost paid. We do not profit from returns, we only charge the customer the cost the courier charges us to send and return the items.

If the customer does not return the product and does not contact customer support for any clarifications or issues, the product will be determined as accepted.

It can take up to 7 days to process refunds from the date we receive the parcel in our warehouse and it passes through the inventory control.

The refunds can take up to 10 business days to be credited in your account.


Yes, in Barner we believe in the quality of our goods and warrants to the consumer that, for two years from the date of purchase, the goods will be replaced or repaired for any product that is defective in materials or workmanship.

Barner Glasses Warranty does not cover damage to frames or lenses caused by abuse, neglect, unreasonable use of the product or failure to follow instructions provided with the product. We do not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage. Lost items are not covered by the warranty. This warranty does not cover modifications in the prescription due to vision development or reversal (natural or surgical).

For Warranty requests, please contact us at https://barnerbrand.com/pages/contact-us or via email at thanks@barnerbrand.com

Our Customer Satisfaction Team is available via Email, Instagram & Messenger from Monday to Friday 24/7.

For pre-sales questions, you can reach out via email (thanks@barnerbrand.com), Instagram or Facebook.

Everything related to post-sales please reach out using our Contact form here:


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Find below the direct contact for each of our departments:

Collaborations: creators@barnerbrand.com

Marketing: mkt@barnerbrand.com

Wholesales and retails proposals: https://barnerbrand.com/pages/distributors

Corporate Orders: https://barnerbrand.com/pages/corporate

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We are Barner Ventures S.L. (VAT: ESB67089284), a company registered in Barcelona - Spain.

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