5 Reasons to Use Blue Light Glasses

5 Reasons to Use Blue Light Glasses

Many of us spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, whether it is for work or play or both.

The thing is that computers are not very friendly to the eyes.

You have probably noticed that after some time, you need to get away from the computer screen or that you suffer from dry, blurry eyes.

They may get irritated and tired easily.

This isn’t just limited to your computers at work and at home.

You carry around little computers with you everywhere you go thanks to your tablet and smartphone.

We are dependent on our devices and this is ultimately not good for our wellbeing.

Fortunately, Blue light glasses are the perfect items to protect your eyes from those harmful blue lights. Here are a few reasons why you need to start using Blue light glasses.

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1. Blue Light Filter

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1. Blue Light Filter

Blue light radiation is emitted by these devices and computer screens. 

This is what is responsible for your sleep cycle disruption and eyestrain.

Computer lenses are specifically made to block blue light and protect your eyes from the potential side effects.

If you notice that you have some sleep issues or problems with your eyes, it could be a good time to try blue light glasses.

2. Better Focus

2. Better Focus

Blue light lenses are able to relax your eyes to help keep objects better in focus.

They can also offer you the largest viewing field so that you can see more on your screen without as much strain.

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3. Reduces Glare

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3. Reduces Glare

An issue that commonly happens is that the light will bounce off of the digital screen, which can create an obstacle to your normal vision.

The glare caused by this will increase the difference between the lighter and darker areas on the screen.

When this happens, the pupils react by dilating continuously to keep up with the display.

Eventually the eyes will get too tired to bother and this can affect your vision.

Screen glasses typically have an anti-glare coating, which helps to prevent fatigue caused by the screen glare.

4. Can Reduce CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) Symptoms

4. Can Reduce CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) Symptoms

Some people may not have any vision problems, but they struggle with accuracy and productivity while working on their computers anyways.

Blue light glasses can be an essential tool here, keeping your eyes healthy despite using the computer screens so much.

You may notice that you are suffering from symptoms like red eyes, dry eyes, and disrupted sleep schedule.

By using blue light glasses, you can reduce these symptoms.

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5. Better Posture

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5. Better Posture

How much time do you spend hunching over, getting closer to the computer screen due to your tired eyes.

The problem with this approach is that while it may seem like it is helping you, it actually is making your issues worse.

In addition to causing more strain on your eyes, you will also cause unnecessary strain on your back and neck. You will even notice that you are suffering more from headaches due to the additional strain on your eyes and neck.

Using blue light blocking glasses, you can get better posture and look at your screen from the ideal distance.