5 Reasons to Block Blue Light From Computers

Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses

These days, we spend so much on our technology. Every day we spend on average 8 hours 41 minutes in front of digital devices.

Thanks to technology we've evolved to were we are right now but there is a small issue with that which is the overexposure to the blue light of digital devices

Your eyes are not naturally able to block the blue light. Just like you need help to block UV rays with sunglasses, you might need blue light glasses to protect your eyes from blue light.

This article will help you better understand why it is essential that you block the blue light from the computers.

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Another issue that is caused by blue lights is the disruption of sleep patterns.

Blue lights can negatively affect your circadian rhythm and suppress your body’s natural melatonin production.

This will cause you to suffer from sleeplessness. What this means is that the blue light will not only interfere with your ability to fall asleep, but also significantly diminish your quality of sleep.



There is no need to say that having sleepless nights can wreak havoc on your whole body including your immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular system.

It can also negatively impact your mood, lead to weight gain and obesity, and may also compromise your cognitive function.

To not affect your circadian rhythm, the best thing would be not to be overexposed to artificial light at night.

Nevertheless, if you need to sit down in front of your laptop or you like to scroll down on social media, using blue light lenses to block the blue light will allow you increase your melatonin production levels and with that to improve your circadian rhythm.

Once your circadian rhythm is back to normal, your overall health will be improved including your cognitive function and maintaining a healthy weight.

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You may find yourself hunched over to look at your screens better, thinking that this will help reduce eyestrain.

The problem is that this can not only make the eyestrain worse, but it can also cause additional stress on your neck and back.

When you use screen glasses, you won’t be tempted to hunch over to get closer to the screen.

This means that you will end up with better posture while you are at the computer, reducing neck and back pain.

4. Reduction in Eye Strain

4. Reduction in Eye Strain

As mentioned above, nowadays we are overexposed to the artificial light of our digital devices.

Anytime that you spend looking at your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the unfocused light can reduce contrast.

This will lead to digital eye strain.

Fortunately, you can block these lights using computer glasses with blue light lenses technology, which will increase the contrast and allow you to look at screens without having a lot of eye strain.

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5. Reduce Headaches

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5. Reduce Headaches

You may notice that you suffer from headaches after prolonged exposure to technology that emits blue lights.

There are a few reasons for this.

One reason is because you are hunched over the screen, which causes you to strain your eyes, neck, and back.

This will not only cause headaches, but it can also cause pain to your back and neck.

Another reason is because your eyes are getting strained and tired from constantly dilating to keep up with the digital images.

Blocking with computer glasses blue light can help you avoid both of these problems, reducing any headaches that you may typically have.

what is blue light

what is blue light

Blue Light, or more specifically High Energy Visible Light (HEV) is a portion of the light spectrum which ranges from 380-500nm and it is everywhere.

Blue light does happen naturally and this is what is actually responsible for your circadian rhythm (sleep cycles).

In nature, your exposure to blue light happens in short bursts due to how scattered the blue lights are in nature.

It can also be found in technology like energy-efficient lighting and in your electronics.

During the daytime, blue lights aren’t always a bad thing as this can improve your reaction times your attention.

Getting too much of this blue light, especially at night time, is where this can become a problem.

Just think about how much time you spend on your devices both at home and at work.

You are likely glued to your technology at all hours of the day, including when you are having trouble sleeping at night.


Stay protected

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Stay protected

Did you know that your eyes can do a great job of protecting your retina from UV rays, whether you are wearing sunglasses or not?

Wearing sunglasses is essential to protecting the rest of your eyes.

If you are going to protect your eyes from the sun, why aren’t you protecting it from the blue lights that it can’t protect itself from?

Computer glasses are specifically made with anti-glare coating and can block blue light, which is essential to your eye health and your overall health.

There are many health problems that are linked to lack of sleep, and as you can see blue light can interfere with your circadian rhythm.

Sleep is crucial to functioning properly on a daily basis, so protection like computer glasses that block blue light can be exactly what you need if you are a technology lover like us.