Brillen mit niedrigem Steg

Wenn du Schwierigkeiten hast, eine Brille zu finden, die bequem auf deiner Nase sitzt, bist du hier genau richtig! Deine Lieblingsbrillenmodelle und -farben wurden angepasst, um einen besseren Sitz zu garantieren.


  • Black
  • Brown

Frame Shape

  • Rectangular
  • Round

Frame Width


  • TR-90

Color Pattern

  • Pattern
  • Solid


A low nasal bridge is a type of nose bridge that aligns with or is lower than your pupils. Basically, a low nose bridge is flatter or lower than the standard bridge.

There are two types of nose bridges: low bridge and high bridge, also known as a standard nose bridge.

If you have a low nose bridge, you will notice that standard glasses usually don’t fit you well; either they keep sliding down your nose or they rest on your cheekbones when they shouldn’t. The best way to double-check is performing an easy test in front of a mirror: check your pupils and your nose slope, and if they’re at the same level or your bridge is below them, then you will need low bridge glasses.

Glasses should rest on the upper, bony part of your nose — your nasal bridge — and there shouldn’t be any space between the nose pads and your nose.

Yes, Asian fit is a common term used in the eyewear market to refer to low bridge glasses. Another common label for this category of frames is “global fit” which speaks to a more inclusive alternative fit for those who can’t comfortably wear standard frames.

Usually, it’s hard to see the differences between the two, but the most obvious one is the nose pads’ measurement. High bridge glasses have really short nose pads, whereas low bridge glasses are larger, to avoid the glasses from resting heavily on the cheeks or even falling.

The best glasses for low bridge noses are those which have large nose pads, curved temples, and wider frames to ensure the fit required by this nose bridge type.