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Gafas metálicas

Gafas metálicas super livianas, ideales para un look chic y refinado. Están disponibles en 5 colores y 3 monturas diferentes.


  • Black
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Silver

Frame Shape

  • Geometric
  • Round


  • Metal

Frame Width

Color Pattern

  • Solid

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The blue light glasses you will find in our metal collection are created from stainless steel and nickel silver, which are two of the most popular materials used for metal frames.

Stainless steel is considered the world’s most popular metal, and it’s no wonder since it has many benefits: it is incredibly strong and it gives an attractive appearance to any frames while benefiting from high corrosion resistance.

Despite its name, nickel silver is a type of metal that does not actually contain any silver in its composition. Rather, the name simply refers to its color. Made from copper, nickel, and zinc, this type of metal is also referred to as Alpaca Silver, Argentinian or German silver, or nickel grass.

Yes! Aside from how thin metal glasses frames are, one of its most acclaimed advantages of these frames is the adjustable rubberized nose pads, which neither the acetate nor TR-90 frames have. Nose pads are great as they’re highly adaptable to different types of nose structures.

Our metallic glasses are thinner and lighter than the acetate ones, but a little heavier than our TR-90 frames. For reference, our metallic frames weigh 0.53 oz, while our Mazzu collection frames weigh 0.70 oz. They’re so light you might just forget you’rewearing them!

We love metal frames because they have the perfect combo: they’re durable and lightweight. Metal frames tend to be much more durable than plastic frames because they’re specifically designed to be flexible and sturdy. One of the biggest pros about this is that they can perfectly adapt to any kind of activity: from sports, to work.

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