Explore Europe with #ShapesOfBarner

Explore Europe with #ShapesOfBarner

Every person is different, and so are our products. Different colors, different shapes, different sizes. But all of these differences make each product unique — just like each of our customers!  

Join us, as we celebrate our differences by being part of the #ShapesofBarner contest!  It’s simple — just create a piece of content showing off your Barner favorite product and what makes it special for you, while incorporating your uniqueness and it's shapes in cool and creative ways. 

Every creator is a winner!

The 20 best contents will win €100 to spend on barnerbrand.com.

The best 3 will take a Valley Backpack and €100 on barnerbrand.com.

The best content will win a Trip for two and a Valley Backpack.



- Upload your content and tag @barnerbrand using the hashtag #ShapesOfBarner

- The post must be on your feed or reels section, and your Instagram account must be public.

- The quality of the content must be high resolution and with good lightning, it can be a picture or a video!

- The product must be seen well in the content. Other brands should not be protagonists of the scene (like big logos).

- Be creative, and remember to tag us and use the hashtag #ShapesOfBarner.

Create and win a trip with valley and your best friend

Check out our terms and conditions here: https://barnerbrand.com/pages/termsandconditions-shapesofbarner

You have time to participate until 13/05/2022

A jury will choose the winners of the main prizes! And remember Be creative, tag @barnerbrand and use the hashtag #ShapesOfBarner